Beechcraft King Air Plane Tint

Beechcraft King Air Plane Tint

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For the King air

We have our plane tint film for the Aft windows. It comes in 2 shades, the mid Shade (24% VLT, lighter and better clarity) and our Dark shade (12% VLT). Comes on a roll to be Cut and installed.

The pilot and copilot windows are built from our own multi layer plastics to provide UV ray protection and great heat rejections with optical clarity looking out. Held in with suction cups with quick releases to allow ease with install and removal. ( only comes in 20%VLT so if you choose pilot & copilot only the color option doesn't matter)

Storage bag is optional for the removable pilot and copilot window inserts. Purchase here- 

Built to order, Please allow one week for package to be put together.

Aircraft kits are all built to order and non refundable *